Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Beach Making 3

Now I get back to the Beach Making.

1, I cut styrofoam by a special saw. The special saw means it just for styrofoam.

2, Set and glue the styrofoam to the base. Cover the styrofoam by Plaster Cloth.

3, I cut the wooden boat.  I bought this boat at the gift shop nea  the sea. I think
    you can get this boat at miniature shop as well.

4, Think about layout. I am just doing it as trial.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

IGMA show in the US

Finally I came back to this Blog.....I actually came back from the US 2 weeks ago but I have been sooo busy! Glad to come back here anyway.
Before I post Beach Making 3, let me show you a couple of pictures I took at the IGMA show.

IGMA show was wonderful even though it was not that big as Chicago show or Philadelphia Miniaturia.
I enjoyed everything!

I took miniature class taught by Jose Maria Bolio. He taught us how to paint the kettle and hair dryer as "antique look".  Jose is  one of the most talented miniaturist in the world, I believe. I really love his miniatures!

I also took a class for making cookie cutters after Jose's class.
Teacher;  Peter Boorum.

There's so many beautiful miniatures at the venue.
This wedding cake is one of the most favorite miniature I got this time.

Cristina is the lady who made such a beautiful wedding cake. She comes from Italy.