Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to make ' Desk lamp'

First of all, let me thank all of you who posted message for my article on my dollhouse, 'Love is in the air'.
carmen, TINK-SONIA, Paloma, Gemma, contar, Susi, Kathi, SaMiRa73, Teresa, Mieke, Patty, Caroline and Jenevieve. Thank you, everyone!!!

>Daydreamer, I am showing how I made the desk lamp. Please read the article below.

>Eliana, Welcome to my site. Glad that you became follower of this site.

>Catherine, Thank you so much for your concern about me. I , too, wish I had known you were there at the Chicago show!

>Michelle, I really appreciate for sharing information about Avon miniatures; Thank you very much. I sure will contact them again.

How to make ' Desk lamp'
As many of you inquired about how I prepared the desk lamp which I used in my dollhouse; through this article, I make an effort to explain how I prepared desk lamp (for desk lamp and complete dollhouse, please refer my last article on my dollhouse titled, 'Love is in the Air').  However, sorry if you find this article incomplete. But I hope this does some help.

Here in Japan, you can easily get 'plastic model parts (from plastic model shop)' using which desired object can be prepared. I prepared desk lamp using the plastic model parts for 'Gundam'. 'Gundam' is very popular robot in Japan.

Below are the steps for preparing 'Desk Lamp' from plastic model parts
- Choose parts of suitable size for 'Lamp shade'.
- Choose right size of plastic strips to use as 'Arms of lamp'.
- Assemble the parts using glue.
- Finally do spray paint.

As you can see from above steps, making desk lamp is not that difficult but you need to get those plastic parts. I hope you find simlar 'plastic model parts' in your country.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Love is in the Air

How time flies!, 4 months have past since I posted my last article. I would like to thank you all who sent warm message and wishes in context to earthquake thing.

Through this article, I introduce my new dollhouse titled, "Love is in the Air". It is a corner box, 8(wide) x 8(depth) x 10(height) inches.

I found this real leather single sofa at Chicago show in 2010; the moment I saw this sofa, I fell in love with it!

I also found ballet type shoes at Chicago show.  Desk lamp was prepared by me from scratch using plastic model parts.

Photograph of couple on the wall is one of my favorite and conveys message of the dollhouse. I found this photograph while browsing through an antique picture book, right after that I decided to frame it and hang on the wall of my dollhouse.

My interest in sea shells started at the time when I used to work in one of Tokyo department store where I was in-charge for selling sea shells. I have become a collector of sea shells since then. These tiny sea shells used in the dollhouse are real one.

2 white vases used in dollhouse are from "Avon Miniatures, England". I have tried to contact with them without success. If anyone has information about them, please let me know if they are still doing business.
A circular cone type of vase is made by British artist, "Carol Mann"; her miniature pottery work is amazing.

80% of books displayed on the shelf are prepared by me and remaining purchased during dollhouse shows. Few of the books can be opened and read. Thick book (aqua blue) in second shelf from bottom is a picture book of sea shells which I collected during London Dollshouse Festival last year.