Thursday, August 4, 2011

Small Vignette

Recently I have a problem with my blog. I am able to create 'New post' for my article however, I am unable to post comment through comment area. So far, I have tried many times to post my replies to the messages without success. Does anyone has a same problem? I would appreciate if you can tell me how to handle it.

Before I introduce my Small Vignette, here are my replies to the messages I received for my previous article.

>Magda, Welcome to my blog.
It is my first time to get message from Poland. Thank you!.
Poland reminds me of Chopin; I love his piano music so much.

>Maria, Thank you for your message. Enjoy making lamp!
I hope my article helped somewhat.

Now, I would like to share with you all my small vignette.

I was requested by one of my customer to make this vignette. She wanted me to prepare small vignette dollhouse to display 'bowl with birds' and 'cats' from her collections.  She also requested me to make 'hydrangea flowers'. For rest of the things I used my idea. As I am aware of my customer's love for birds, I decided to display couple of items related to "birds".

In above picture, you can see antique looking 'bird cage', 'drawers' and 'boxes'; I painted them to give antique look.

Picture of garden, outside window, is real garden from picture book.  

In above picture
- 'Bowl with birds' is work of a French artist which my customer collected and requested me to use.
- I prepared 'hydrangea flowers' using paper kit.
- Perfume bottles are made by my friend, 'Yoko Serizawa'.

Above picture displays the small garden area in backyard of dollhouse. 'Cat with kitten' is work of Japanese miniaturist friend Mr. Hiroyuki Kimura; 'Cat with kitten' was provided by my customer to use in dollhouse.