Friday, September 17, 2010

Cat Paws Bakery - Almost completed

Finally I displayed  sign board I made.  
A cat and a little birdy....both are I collected before.
I glued the bird onto cat's head...ha,ha!
Wishing they get along as I love both birds and cats.
The cat is made by Japanese miniature artist, "Kiki".
I love his creations, cats, but  unfortunately he does not sell his 
miniature cat anymore.


  1. Fantastic!I love all!I'm falling in love with the coffee pot with pansy!Very realistic and country(this is my favourite style!)
    Your cat is very nice!I adore cats!I have one gray cat!
    My best compliments!Please if you start to sell flower kits let me know!
    Sonya (from Roma)

  2. Thank you, Sonya!
    Oh, you have a gray it in miniature?
    Regarding flower paper kits including pansy,
    I will start to sell those paper kits on my webshop in October. I sure will let you know here at this blog. Will you please wait for a while.
    Hugs from Tokyo, Yuri

  3. Hello Yuri, your scene is beauty shop cat, the kitten is very sweet!

    I can teach you how to put the translator in your blog!
    you can write me here:

    I will give you directions, OK?
    thanks a lot! kisses from Italy

  4. As I'm a cat's fan , I love your shop !

  5. I love your shop, very beautiful and detailed!

    Marit (another cat-lover)

  6. Me encanta tu idea!!!
    Queda muy original y precioso.
    Feliz fin de semana
    besitos ascension

  7. Caterina, thank you! I will email you later.

    Mooghiscath, Marit and Ascension,
    thank you all for your sweet comments!

    Love from Tokyo, Yuri