Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to make ' Desk lamp'

First of all, let me thank all of you who posted message for my article on my dollhouse, 'Love is in the air'.
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>Daydreamer, I am showing how I made the desk lamp. Please read the article below.

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How to make ' Desk lamp'
As many of you inquired about how I prepared the desk lamp which I used in my dollhouse; through this article, I make an effort to explain how I prepared desk lamp (for desk lamp and complete dollhouse, please refer my last article on my dollhouse titled, 'Love is in the Air').  However, sorry if you find this article incomplete. But I hope this does some help.

Here in Japan, you can easily get 'plastic model parts (from plastic model shop)' using which desired object can be prepared. I prepared desk lamp using the plastic model parts for 'Gundam'. 'Gundam' is very popular robot in Japan.

Below are the steps for preparing 'Desk Lamp' from plastic model parts
- Choose parts of suitable size for 'Lamp shade'.
- Choose right size of plastic strips to use as 'Arms of lamp'.
- Assemble the parts using glue.
- Finally do spray paint.

As you can see from above steps, making desk lamp is not that difficult but you need to get those plastic parts. I hope you find simlar 'plastic model parts' in your country.


  1. I love your lamp! What kind of parts are those and what were they for? What kind of kit did they come in? I would never be able to find anything like them unless I knew that. ;-)

  2. Thanks for sharing how to make the lamp.
    Best wishes

  3. I have had a look to your new dolls house"Love is in the air" only now because I was very very busy.It is Great!I love it!Your desk lamp project is really nice but in Italy we have not this kind of robot kit to buy!I'll try to find some similar to make it!
    Thanks for this tutorial!
    A big hug

  4. >Catherine,
    Please check this site;
    Sorry it is Japanese only, but you will see what gundam robot is. The parts I used are for 'kit bashing' gundam plastic model. We just call it kit bashing parts in Japanese. Hope you will find simliar parts in your country.

    >Maria, Thank you!!! Hugs

    >Eliana, You are the most welcome!!

    >Sonya, Thank you for your message. Glad to hear that you liked my latest work. Good luck for finding similar plastic parts in Italy!!HUGS

  5. Hi Yuri!! I am very glad that I saw your blog,
    is great! you do beautiful miniatures, they are very nicely arranged. I will visit and admire your work, you have great talent! I looked all:)
    Greetings from Poland:o) Magda

  6. Your new dollshouse your working on is very very nice, i love all the details.The lamp is great, maybe i can make such a lamp from tiny caps i collected over the years.

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